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Five UNE alumni — Dawn McLaughlin, Joshua Chard, Lacey Todd, Katie Flannery, and Emily Rosser — are pictured against a whiteboard
Representing nearly one-third of the state’s 16 counties, the five teachers are all eligible for selection as the sole Maine Teacher of the Year this fall. They are all educators of elementary and middle school — teaching a range of subjects from science, reading, health, physical education, and the performing arts — and serve as leaders in their academic and cultural communities.

UNE in the News

Former UNE hockey captain Alex Sheehy signed to the Maine Mariners
UNE's federally funded research on corneal pain featured in NEWS CENTER Maine
Outlets report on Marilyn Gugliucci's election as president of national gerontological group

Student News

NOAA research vessel Henry B. Bigelow pulling into dock
Marine Science Student Kenzi Kimball ’23 set sail aboard the NOAA research vessel Henry B. Bigelow for a one-of-a-kind volunteer opportunity.

Faculty and Professional Staff News

Ali Ahmida in yellow for banner
Internationally recognized writer and scholar Ali Ahmida, Ph.D., recently presented at the Arab Council of Social Sciences conference on the Libyan genocide between 1929 and 1934.

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Using Technology to Map Maine’s Salt Marshes

UNE student researchers and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professor Will Kochtitzky, Ph.D., use drones and GIS modeling to study the sprawling salt marsh ecosystem off the coast of the University of New England's coastal campus with the goal of learning how the marshes are negatively affected by sea level rise.

UNE Magazine

Cover for the 2022 U N E Magazine

Rising inflation, political polarization, and economic disparity; the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and the war in Ukraine; and continued emergence of social justice issues. As society becomes increasingly chaotic and divided, UNE faculty, administration, and professional staff must answer the question, “How do we prepare students to succeed in a fractured society?”

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